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Brandon F. Johnson

Head of Development


Brandon works with executives, production groups, publishers and entertainment-focused technologies to punch up slates of projects for full sale of rights, licensing and distribution. Brandon is a frequent speaker and panelist representing his work as a freelance writer and his work in entertainment and media. Brandon loves writing high-stakes stories of revisionist history and science fiction—and easily gets caught up in the irreverent, revealing wit of YA and multi-generational comedies.


After years of watching freelance platforms rise to prominence, Brandon has collaborated with and helped lift voices from every corner of the earth—connecting them to eager audiences that connect back.

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Erica J. Yulo

Head of Development


Erica Yulo is the Head of Development of Superposition and a Producer from Queens, New York, focusing on YA stories across Comedy, Drama and Animation, featuring underrepresented voices that empower coming of age stories that connect all audiences. Erica’s primary goal is to define a new-era John Hughes-styled series of stories that champion authentic youth triumphs for future generations.


Erica works in Talent Acquisition for ViacomCBS where she recruits from a diverse and inclusive perspective across Marketing for MTV, Nickelodeon, BET and Comedy Central—launching careers in the Entertainment industry for passionate storytellers who will elevate the ViacomCBS brands and make social impact through meaningful content.

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